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#BookReview Van Life by Foster Huntington #Travel #Photography #vanlife

Book Review

Title: Van Life

tAuthor: Foster Huntington

Category: Travel/Photography

Book Blurb:

More and more people are taking a break from conventional life for the freedom and adventure of being on the road and living in a converted vintage truck, camper, or van.

One of these vandwellers, Foster Huntington, created the #vanlife hashtag as he chronicled his adventures living in a van while driving across country. He tapped into a community of like-minded individuals looking to explore nature at their own pace. VAN LIFE showcases the best crowd-sourced photographs of stunning beaches, misty forests, and Rocky Mountains from Foster’s Tumblr account, many of which have never been posted.

My Review:

Campers and gorgeous photography; what more could you need?

I bought a 1975 LHD Bay Window in 1997 and despite being able to see the tarmac through the holes in the cab floor I loved him. We sold this van just before our second child came along and I’ve craved the open road ever since.

Forward wind and I’m now a single mum of three hiring a 1969 VW and touring the Isle of Wight to initiate my kids into van life. They were still young at the time but loved the adventure of chugging the lanes and pitching up by the sea.

It would be twenty years before I got my next camper and I’m glad to say it’s the best decision I ever made.

With zero extra funds, technical expertise, time, or skills I opted for a 2017 T6 converted VW camper (called Snoopy!) and we’ve had a blast.

When I spotted Foster’s book I knew I needed to grab a copy and drool over the retro campers and incredible scenery the contributors have seen. This book is a wonderful coffee table read. It’s packed full of beautiful images of campers across the globe. It includes chapters for T2, T3, and T4 fans, Sprinter vans, school buses, small RVs, and 4x4s. Interspersed between the chapters are real-life stories of van owners and their adventures.

I’ve followed the van life hashtag for years and continue to find inspiration for my trips from the huge community that shares their travels and their vans.

If you dream of travelling through Italy, Canada, or the National Parks of America then you’ll drool over the images in this book.

Would highly recommend it.

BUY your copy via Amazon UK or Amazon US

7 thoughts on “#BookReview Van Life by Foster Huntington #Travel #Photography #vanlife”

  1. Love this! We have bought and restored several vintage pull-behind campers but are currently on the hunt for a camper van! I will check this out!

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