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Sneak Peek of The Last Princess #Vikings #Preorder #YA

Set sail for one of the most action-packed Viking novels of the year!

THE LAST PRINCESS is a non-stop epic adventure filled with battles and characters you can’t help but fall in love with.

I’m finding it hard to contain my excitement about this book, so I thought I’d give you a sneak peek of the prologue to tease you (sorry not sorry!) 😉

Writing The Last Princess involved A LOT of research and travelling, and I adored the entire process. Hopefully it enhances the book for my YA readers and historical fiction fans too.

Are you ready to join Edith’s adventure?

Release date 24th May 2022


Hundreds of bodies littered the grassland as their lifeblood soaked into the earth. Warriors in mid–battle cry lay facedown in muddy puddles, still clinging to their axe and shield, and the sound of conflict floated across the grey English sky like one of the king’s banners.

In the eyes of the great warriors who had travelled across the sea, the king’s army was outnumbered and weak. These foreigners didn’t shy away from war; they embraced it with determination and passion.

Like a plague, they swept across all England taking what they wanted, killing, and plundering. Nobody was safe from their wrath. Kings and peasants were treated as equals as these warriors from the North defiled the land.

High up on the hilltop, a man sat on his horse watching the battle unfold. His eyes scanned the valley as he witnessed soldier after soldier cut down by the vicious army that advanced on his home. He’d sent all his best men to their deaths. No amount of manipulation, silver, or corruption could stop this curse upon his land.

The crown on his head weighed heavy as he glanced first left then right at the remainder of his army. Young men who stood on the brink of annihilation. The king knew all was lost, he knew the great warriors would never stop, and he knew why.

Deep within the battlefield, at the heart of the fighting, he had seen her. A sword in her hand, blood smeared across her tunic, and warpaint decorating her face. It had been many moons, but he would have recognised her anywhere.

The end of their story was playing out in front of them, but the king wasn’t quite ready to give up just yet. Failure had never been an option.

He sat a little straighter in his saddle and addressed the young army at his side.

‘To the death!’ he cried.

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The Last Princess Blurb

Northumbria, 866 AD

Edith still has much to learn about the art of ruling a kingdom, but when her family is murdered, she’s faced with the challenge of staying alive.

As a young woman in Anglo-Saxon England, Edith finds it hard to be heard above the Eldermen who are ripping the kingdom to pieces, but nothing can prepare her for the arrival of the pirates and the Vikings. Torn from her homeland and sold into slavery, she’s determined to survive at any cost.

Finding allies in the unexpected and enemies closer to home, Edith clings to her dream of returning home one day to reclaim her throne and to exact revenge on those who harmed her family.

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