#BookReview The Adventures of Ted and Puli by Dan and Ted Gathercole @firstclass_hols #ChildrensBook #SriLanka

Title: The Adventures of Ted and Puli: Monkey Business

Author: Dan and Ted Gathercole

Illustrator: Claire Bicknell

Category: Children’s/Travel

Book Blurb:

This is a true story about the adventures of a little boy, Ted and his best friend, a small dog called Puli.

The story started when Ted and his family went on an aeroplane to Sri Lanka for the first time. Every summer, Ted is lucky enough to go back to see his four-legged best friend for two weeks of fun-filled adventure.

This time, Ted and Puli set off on a beach adventure deep into the Sri Lankan jungle. where they meet an unexpected guest.

My Review:

I had the honour of watching this book come to life and adore the finished product.

Taking a real-life story and turning it into an adventure book for children is a wonderful way to bring Sri Lanka to life for readers young and old.

The illustrations are gorgeous, bright, and colourful, and add depth to the story and characters.

I love the ‘Learn with Puli’ section at the back meaning this book would make a fabulous teaching resource. There is also a colouring page, and space for young explores to write their own holiday story.

The Adventures of Ted and Puli is a short action-packed children’s book that will delight young readers.

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