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Top 10 Writing Tips with Author MJ Mallon @Marjorie_Mallon #Top10WritingTips #WritingTips

Learning from mentors helps us to improve and evolve in our chosen field, and I still recall the advice given to me at the start of my writing journey. To help other writers, I started a feature whereby established authors shared their words of wisdom and top ten writing tips. It was a huge success… Continue reading Top 10 Writing Tips with Author MJ Mallon @Marjorie_Mallon #Top10WritingTips #WritingTips

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#NewRelease Golden Healer by @Marjorie_Mallon #YA #Fantasy

It’s my pleasure to help spread the book love for fellow YA author Marjorie Mallon’s new release, GOLDEN HEALER, out now! What’s the book about? Golden Healer is the second book in the YA paranormal adventure series – The Curse of Time. I didn’t think my life could get any weirder, until the dreaded rollercoaster…… Continue reading #NewRelease Golden Healer by @Marjorie_Mallon #YA #Fantasy