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Meet Author Dr Victoria Wilson Crane @victoriacrane #AuthorInterview #Memoir #SixteenDays

Creativity that runs in the family should be celebrated in my humble opinion. I was delighted to chat with Roger Wilson-Crane a few months ago about his fabulous book Certified, and Iā€™m thrilled to now have the opportunity to chat with his lovely wife, Dr Victoria Wilson-Crane about her memoir Sixteen Days. Certified Grief Recovery… Continue reading Meet Author Dr Victoria Wilson Crane @victoriacrane #AuthorInterview #Memoir #SixteenDays

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Meet Author Roger Wilson-Crane @certified2021 #AuthorInterview

I was a guest speaker at an online book event where I met the fabulous Dr Victoria Wilson-Crane. After chatting and exchanging emails, I discovered that talent for writing runs in the family as her husband has recently published his debut novel, Certified. Never one to miss out on an opportunity to meet new authors,… Continue reading Meet Author Roger Wilson-Crane @certified2021 #AuthorInterview