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Taking advantage of Kindle Pre-Order


Taking advantage of Amazon’s pre-order facility for Kindle books opens up a new dimension for the self-published author.  You can load your book as early as ninety days before the release date.

If you haven’t quite finished the finer points of your manuscript but still want to benefit from promoting prior to sale then don’t despair – you can arrange the pre-order and KDP will instruct you of the final date you need to upload that completed manuscript.  NB: If you don’t meet this deadline your pre-order will be cancelled, readers notified and you will not be able to use this facility again for a year – you have been warned!

Today, I opened my Kindle to find a book I pre-ordered last week (The Morning After the Life Before by Della Galton) ready and waiting for me – as an avid reader it felt like Christmas morning all over again.

As a writer, I am able to take advantage of this process and I have enrolled my debut young adult fantasy book.  Promoting my book before the launch date should hopefully increase the hype and add to the sales figures.  A book can hit Amazon’s Top 100 before it’s even released.

It is an exciting development for self-published authors and one that will help considerably with the marketing process.  I’m looking forward to seeing the results.

If you are itching to see how it works and want to buy something on pre-order then may I suggest ‘Guardians of the Dead’ (yes – shameless book plug!)




I’m interested in what you think – have you used the pre-order system?


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