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Coming Soon! #YA The Phantom’s Curse #TuesdayBookBlog #Fantasy

**COMING SOON** I’m entering that exciting period of anticipation that every author has before a book launch. In a few weeks my thirteenth novel will be published by BHC Press, and taking into account the lockdown restrictions I’ll be celebrating with a mug of tea or two at home with my three children. The Phantom’s… Continue reading Coming Soon! #YA The Phantom’s Curse #TuesdayBookBlog #Fantasy

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Taking advantage of Kindle Pre-Order

  Taking advantage of Amazon's pre-order facility for Kindle books opens up a new dimension for the self-published author.  You can load your book as early as ninety days before the release date. If you haven't quite finished the finer points of your manuscript but still want to benefit from promoting prior to sale then… Continue reading Taking advantage of Kindle Pre-Order