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#BookReview Drive by @MarkEWest #Thriller #Mystery

#BookReview Drive by Mark West


Thriller/Mystery Novella

My Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

I recently met Mark West at an author/blogger event in Birmingham.  He was such a lovely guy that I may have monopolised his time and refused to share him with the rest of the party!

He talked with such passion about his books, and I knew that I would be checking out his titles as soon as I got on the train home.  Drive was the first one I came across on Amazon, and I thought it would be a perfect place to start.  Mark had already told me about the inspiration behind this novella, and so I was hooked before I started.

My Review:

The story follows David, as he gives Nat a lift home from a party that he didn’t want to go to.  Meanwhile, the town of Gaffney is being terrorised by three hoodlums in a stolen Audi.  They cruise the streets looking to cause trouble, attempting to snatch a young lady from outside the kebab shop, and nearly knocking a group of party goers over as they cross the street.

David is a true gentleman and refuses to abandon Nat at the party, he drives her home, and they witness the near miss between the Audi and the pedestrians.  Both shaken, they continue on their way oblivious to the roller coaster ride they are about to embark on.

Reading Drive has quite possibly put me off going out at night ever again!  We’ve all seen young lads driving too fast around our hometown, the music pumping so loud you can see the car windows vibrating, but Mark’s imagination pulls at that thread of fear that the lads aren’t just cruising the street, but that they are dangerous and would threaten your life.

Three young men, high on drugs, hoods drawn up to cover their faces, steer their stolen car around the streets of Gaffney in the early hours of the morning.  The police are nowhere to be seen; the station closed for the night.  It’s clear that these young men are looking to harm both David and Nat.  The cat-and-mouse chase through town is terrifying, and Mark sets the scene incredibly well.  Panic began to swell in my chest as I read how the stolen Audi swerved, coerced and finally cornered our hero and heroine.

The ending was better than I could have imagined and added to the nail-biting suspense.  If you’re looking for a quick read full of suspense, thrills and mystery, then Drive is the book for you.  Highly recommended.


David Moore has one night left in Gaffney and is at a party he doesn’t want to attend. Natasha Turner, at the same party, is lost for a lift home.

Meanwhile, three young men have stolen a car, and as the night darkens and the roads become deserted, David and Nat enter into a terrifying game of cat-and-mouse. . .

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