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#BookReview The Goblin Glass by @MarkEWest #Horror #ShortStory

Book Review

Title: The Goblin Glass

Author: Mark West

Category: Horror Short Story

Rating: 5 Star

The Goblin Glass


After years of trying to keep his life on the straight and narrow, impossible circumstances have led Warren back to a life of crime. The job he is given is a simple breaking and entering, with instructions to steal a mirror, once belonging to a renowned Spanish magician.

The Goblin Glass.

And what should have been simple quickly proves to be anything but. And as Warren is drawn into a nightmarish house with his simple goal in sight, he begins to realize just how much he has put on the line.

My Review:

It’s not an easy task to hook a reader and terrorise them within a short story, but West has an incredible knack of doing just that. I’ve read (and loved) other work by this author, Drive and The Factory are my favourites, so I jumped at the chance to see what The Goblin Glass was all about.

To write a horror novel you don’t need flamboyant settings or over the top characters, and that’s what I love most about this author’s work. West takes the ordinary and makes is extraordinary. Everyday items become the stuff of nightmares, and that trickle of fear stays with you long after you finish reading.

The Goblin Glass is full of atmosphere and slightly supernatural which made it a delight to read. I’d highly recommend for any fan of horror or excellent writing.

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