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A Doorway To… #FlashFiction #Writing #Challenge

A Doorway To...

A Doorway to… #FlashFiction Writing Challenge – Week 3

Inspired by one of my Pinterest boards, this is a flash fiction writing challenge based on the following theme:

‘Doorway to…’

“The door you are afraid to enter might lead you to the most beautiful and magical places.” 

Using one of the images below as inspiration, write a 200-word flash fiction story about what lies beyond the door. Who will you find and where will the doorway lead you? Any genre is acceptable. NB: As I write for a teen audience, please be aware that under 18’s visit my blog.

Door Number 1:


Door Number 2:


Post your story in the comments below and be sure to read, like and comment on any stories posted by other entrants.

I’ll add more doors next Friday.

Have fun.

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