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Guest Post – Writing and Creativity by author, Rebecka Vigus #WritersLife



Today’s guest on the Big Blue Takeover is, Rebecka Vigus, author of the Macy McVannel mystery series. Over to Rebecka…

Writing and Creativity

Be inspiring, be informative, be creative…all this in one blog? I will do my best. One of the most asked questions when I am at book signings or book talks is, “Where to do you get your ideas?” Life gives me ideas. My books have covered murder, arson, stalking, abuse, and magic.

My take on these subjects is what makes me different. I don’t write blood, gore, horror. I look at these things through the eyes of those trying to stop them. What makes one murder different from another? The way the characters are cast and the way it’s solved. In the end murder means someone died. The best detective, police officer, investigator is the one who can get through all the twists and turns to find out motive. They are always asking why.


If you plan to write, learn all you can about writing. Take classes, attend conferences, go to workshops and read. Read in your genre, read in other genres, read about writing. Then write. Carry a small journal with you every day. When something strikes you as interesting, write it down. Carve out a minimum of fifteen minutes a day to write. Set a timer if you need to. It’s okay to go over fifteen minutes, but you MUST be writing. Not sure what to write? Find a thought for the day or a what if question.

I used to hate it when my teachers, instructors, or professors would say, “Take out a blank sheet of paper, we’re going to write today.” One would think I’d have been thrilled. Unfortunately, most of these esteemed educators had already picked my topic. They would tell me if it was a narrative, a compare and contrast, an essay, an opinion, or a response to a reading. To make it worse, they would assign me a topic. Many of the topics were not to my liking. I found writing to be drudgery. Even when I took creative writing I was not allowed to be creative. I have since learned to create topics which are important to me. Topics I have an interest in. When I do choose my own topic, my writing is better than when I am forced to write on someone else’s topic.

So, create a topic journal. This is a place where you write ideas you want to explore at a later date. Where do you find inspiration? I love walking through the woods. So, I find inspiration in nature. How could a person live off the land if it was their only option? What would they have to know to stay alive? How do you build temporary shelter? Can you build a fire without flint, matches, or a lighter? Then I ask myself: What could happen here? What if this? What if that? Who is the person things happen to? What are they good at? How will they survive? What is the weather like were this takes place? Is it mountains in the winter? Mountains in spring or fall? Is it desert? Are forest fires raging? The list is endless. I love the idea of a topic journal.

When I say I write about magic, I don’t mean magic tricks or black magic. I believe in fairies. I believe they dance when you see the fireflies. I’m sure there are gnomes who stand only four inches high. Leprechauns, of course. And yes, they have a pot of gold stashed somewhere. On the flip side there are witches, good and bad.

Still looking for inspiration? Trace your hands on a sheet of plain white paper, then list everything you can do with them…find anything to write about? Now trace your feet on a sheet of plain white paper.  Where can they take you? How can you use them? Any inspiration here? Put yourself in your favorite sport, how does it go? Does your team win? Did you have any part in the win? Or loss? How are you feeling? Any inspiration here? If you have kids, take time to listen to them play. Or just listen to them. Some of the things they say and do can lead to inspiration.


I can suggest some books on writing and creativity.

Living Juicy: Daily Morsels for your Create Soul, by S.A.R.K

Make Your Creative Dreams Real: A Plan for Procrastinators, Perfectionists, Busy People…by S.A.R.K

The Weekend Novelist: A Dynamic 52 Week Program To Help You Produce a Finished Novel…One Weekend at a Time. By Robert J. Ray

The Artists Way, by Julia Cameron

These are my go-to books. Especially books by S.A.R.K. I find her books inspirational and motivating. She’s different and comes at writing and creativity from a totally different point of view.

You can get in touch with Rebecka via email on:


Her Blog


Author Bio:

Award winning author of Crossing the Line, Rebecka Vigus spends her time writing, reading, crocheting, hiking, and swimming.

She is busy working on Rescue Mountain, a suspense/thriller. She will be outlining book four in the Macy McVannel series, Something Borrowed, Something Blue as soon as she finishes her current work and already has ideas for book five. She longs to get back to fairies and magic as well as other children’s books.

You can also find Rebecka’s books on the BHCAuthors website. All of her books are available through and or if you can catch her, the trunk of her car.

You can read my author interview with Rebecka HERE.

Next up on the BIG BLUE TAKEOVER is Drea Damara, author of Chasing Vengeance.




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  1. Love the idea of setting a timer to write for at least 15 minutes a day. That’s an easy practice that anyone could commit to. Enjoyed hearing how you come up with your ideas! Lots of interesting questions to ask in the moment, wherever you are, that could lead you down the path of your next story. I’ve never heard of the first three books you listed on creativity. I’ll have to check them out!

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