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#FridayBookShare Guardians of the Lost Lands #YA #NewRelease


I created the Friday Book Share Game to help search for that ideal novel/author.

Anyone can have a go – all you need to do is answer the following questions based on a book you enjoyed reading (old or new) and use the hashtag #FridayBookShare – Simples!

First line of the book.

Recruit fans by adding the book blurb.

Introduce the main character using only three words.

Delightful design (add the cover image of the book).

Audience appeal (who would enjoy reading this book?)

Your favourite line/scene.

Here’s mine:

Today is a very special day for me *excited squeals* as the final book in my YA trilogy is released in eBook and paperback. Guardians of the Lost Lands is book three of the Guardian Trilogy and what better way to share it with you all than by adding it to the Friday Book Share Game! I hope you enjoy x

First line/s – Claws scratched at the cold rock just inches from his bare feet. The twisted limbs of these tormented creatures snaked through the bars of his cell as they tried to reach him. Starved and beaten, the monsters craved his blood.

Recruit fans by adding the book blurb

Amber’s final quest could claim her soul, but it’s a journey she must make.

The evil that lurks in the Lost Lands threatens to infest the realms unless Amber, Redka, and Connor can destroy it. But Amber is more concerned about her father’s safety as he is held captive by the wickedness that terrorises them all.

Amber faces isolation and mistrust from her friends as they travel across land and sea to meet their most dangerous foe.

Will she be able to stay true to her destiny as the last Oracle, or will she be tempted by the darkness? The fate of the realms is in her hands.

Amber’s final quest will be her most terrifying yet. This time, it will be deadly.

Introduce the main characterAmber is strong, loyal, and powerful

Delightful Design


Audience appeal Perfect for fans of sword and sorcery, and young adult fantasy, plus fans of Cassandra Clare, and coming of age stories.

Your favourite line/scene

A ball of flame shot through the sky and landed in their path: a swirling mass of orange, yellow and red. Connor staggered backwards into Amber with a cry, but the fire moved and stalked forward, creeping closer to them.

Amber watched the flames mould into shape as it formed a huge body and two enormous wings. A long fiery neck swivelled towards them and lowered itself to their level. Two eyes as black as obsidian stared out of the flaming head.

‘It’s a phoenix,’ Amber cried out to Connor as they continued to back up away from the roiling heat.

‘We need to run,’ he shouted.

‘No! I can beat this thing.’

BUY a copy of Guardians of the Lost Lands from Amazon UK or Amazon US.


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19 thoughts on “#FridayBookShare Guardians of the Lost Lands #YA #NewRelease”

  1. Hope you enjoy release day, Shelley! It’s always such a thrill. Congratulations!

    I wish I could read YA Fantasy, but I won’t insult you by pretending I’ll give it a go, when I just can’t do this genre. I really hope it does well for you! xx

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