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#TuesdayBookBlog Twelve Lessons by Kate Spencer #NewAge #Romance #BookReview

Title: Twelve Lessons

Author: Kate Spencer

Category: Contemporary Romance/New Age/Personal Transformation

My Rating: 4*

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My Review:

Having brought my own life back from the brink on several occasions, I felt that Kate Spencer’s book, Twelve Lessons would be a perfect read for me.

It’s very cleverly written as it fits into the personal development genre and yet it’s disguised as a contemporary romance. Stephanie Slater’s life falls apart at the seams, with one disaster after another landing at her feet. She attends a party where there is a Tarot reader who tells her that certain hardships are coming her way, but she refuses to believe such a charlatan. Stephanie is fine. Life is fine. Nothing could ever burst her bubble – could it?

I loved Stephanie. She is a fully rounded character, flawed and materialistic but deep down just a young woman who wants nice things. She makes the mistake of believing that what matters most in life is the image you project, the nice car you drive, and the beautiful house you live in. When everything starts to unravel, Stephanie is reminded of the Tarot reading.

I’ve owned a set of Tarot cards since the age of thirteen and use them on a weekly basis. I love the guidance they give me. I’ve even published an oracle guidebook because I believe in the power of motivation, spirituality, and personal development. As the story unfolds I can see the lessons Stephanie must follow quite clearly because I’ve walked the same path. From a New Age point of view, this book is incredibly insightful, and I understand the author has an online community based on the twelve lessons outlined in this novel. However, you don’t need to be a fan of spirituality, self-help, or the metaphysical to enjoy this book.

Interwoven with these powerful life lessons are characters that warm the heart, and a story of friendship, support, love, and determination.

For me, the first three-quarters of this book was a five star read all the way. Unfortunately, the romance in the later chapters was all a bit rushed and convenient, and I felt that the unique voice of the author was lost. The ending, although very well done, was a bit too fictional and ‘perfect.’ Life tends not to sort itself out quite so seamlessly. I would have preferred a slightly grittier conclusion with the possibility of more lessons to come. Due to this, I chose to award four stars.


What if you had one year to bring your life back from the brink?

Stephanie Slater appears to have it all – the house, the car, the fairy-tale marriage and the new start she so desperately needed.

No one knows yet she is secretly living a lie, but with mounting debts, a cheating husband and an obsession with doing better than the Joneses, her perfect facade is about to shatter.

When her life begins unravelling at the seams Stephanie is given no choice but to turn to the one person she knows has seen through her fragile disguise. As the cards are turned and the Twelve Lessons revealed, Stephanie wonders if she will ever be able to piece back the wreckage of her life in time? When you really hit rock bottom, a psychic might be your only hope…..

Twelve months, Twelve lessons, one chance to rewrite destiny…….

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5 thoughts on “#TuesdayBookBlog Twelve Lessons by Kate Spencer #NewAge #Romance #BookReview”

  1. Shelley, a terrific review and you have me hooked. The book sounds intriguing and I will definitely have a look at this! Pity about the last part of the book seeming a bit rushed also I agree that reality is never too perfect and grittier conclusions are better and stronger.

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