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My Top Ten Books of 2017 #AmReading

My Favourite Books of 2017

I’ve always managed to hit my Goodreads challenge total – until now. Some of my incredible book blogger friends were sharing a ‘150 Books Read’ status while I was still struggling with my fourth.

Instead of beating myself up about losing my reading mojo this year, I concentrated on writing, blogging, and trying to improve my mental health. Worrying about a self-induced reading challenge wasn’t a good way to start so I decided to go with the flow and read as and when I could. Unfortunately, the books I did try to read just weren’t hitting the spot.

Do you ever have periods like this? Have you ever lost your reading mojo? I’d love to know what you do to combat this problem.

2017 might have been a pitiful year for quantity of books. However, the quality of the books I did manage to read was incredibly high. I guess the saying less is more is correct!

Here’s an overview of my favourite books for 2017:

The Reading Group by Della Parker


The Reading Group series from Della Parker are refreshingly light reads. They are relatively short but fun stories about the different characters in a reading group. Exactly what I needed this year. I’ve always loved Della’s books (her novel, Ice and a Slice being a firm favourite) and I wasn’t disappointed with this. There’s an entire year of stories with December available for FREE! Read my review HERE.

Twelve Lessons by Kate Spencer.


Twelve Lessons is very cleverly written as it fits into the personal development genre and yet it’s disguised as a contemporary romance. The main character’s life spirals out of control, and she follows twelve steps/lessons to find her way back to a better life. Read my review HERE.

Gathering Frost by Kaitlyn Davis

Gathering Frost by Kaitlyn Davis

Gathering Frost was a great way to lose myself in a make-believe world. Following an earthquake, New York City merges with a fairy tale realm when a castle and its magic splinters through into the real world. Queen Deidre casts a spell over the land, feeding off the inhabitants emotions while keeping them subdued and, in effect, turning them into moving statues. Jade works for the evil queen but falls in love with the enemy – what’s not to love! Read my review HERE.

Tipping Point by Terry Tyler


Hands down my favourite book of the year! As a huge Walking Dead fan, I love anything post apocalyptic, and Terry’s new series allowed me to escape into a ‘what if’ world. Although there are no zombies in this book the story centres on the aftermath of a deadly virus and the destruction it causes. The book follows the stories of the survivors and what life would (could) be like if social media is used to bring about the end of the world. Read my review HERE.

Junkie Buddha by Diane Esguerra


I found myself drawn to a lot of non-fiction this year. I was feeling incredibly low when I came across Junkie Buddha and was initially hooked by the book cover. I’ve always been fascinated with the Inca Trail and Machu Picchu, but I also enjoy reading about how other people navigate their healing journey after a life altering experience. Diane Esguerra’s travel memoir combines the two. It turned out to be one of the most incredible books I’ve ever read, and I sobbed my way through most of it. Diane shares her solo travel story about heading to Machu Picchu to sprinkle her son’s ashes. It’s a heart-warming and heart breaking memoir. Read my review HERE.

Keepers by Sacha Black


I didn’t realise how much I needed to read another fantasy book until I opened the first page of Keepers. When it dropped through the letterbox I thought I’d quickly skim the opening few lines. An hour later I was curled up with my nose in the book and my to-do list abandoned! I didn’t stop reading until I’d finished it. Keepers is definitely my kind of YA book. Read my review HERE.

Lindisfarne by Terry Tyler


The second book in Terry’s Project Renova Series and another gripping read. Lindisfarne follows the characters’ story in Tipping Point, but we get to see how time is taking its toll on the new communities. We are also introduced to new characters who mix it up for our regulars. As I read this, I was ready to give it a solid four stars until the second half of the book when WHAM, Terry rips your heart out and the storyline cracks wide open. Another five star read. Read my review HERE.

I’m a sucker for a children’s book regardless of the fact that my three kids are 19, 16, and 15. When I had the opportunity to read and review these picture books I jumped at the chance.

Zak & Jen’s Astronomical Adventures by Natalie Page & Chris Rivers Nuttall

Zak and Jen with Medal

Read my review HERE.

I’m Not Different by Melanie McClusky


I'm Not Different

Read my review HERE.

The Christmas Tale of Elaine Gale by Daniel Thompson

Christmas Tale of Elaine Gale

Read my review HERE.

Next week I’ll be sharing my 2018 TBR pile and working on a plan to find my reading mojo once again – all tips gratefully received.

In the meantime, may I wish all my blog readers a very Merry Christmas xxx

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16 thoughts on “My Top Ten Books of 2017 #AmReading”

  1. Some great books there Shelley!
    I have to say I didn’t think I’d be able to read as much as I actually have this year!
    And I agree with you on a few of those books, definitely!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, Ritu. I always start with good intentions but sometimes life and ‘stuff’ gets in the way. At least I was still reading even if it was a reduced pile! I don’t know where you find the time to do half the stuff you do – superwoman!! 😉

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I think reading goes in phases and it depends on what you’re reading or have read. Earlier in the year I got stuck halfway through a book and didn’t want to start another until I finished it. Eventually I had to admit that I wasn’t going to finish it and moved on.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. 100% know what you mean. I set a ridiculous goal this year and while I will hit it, it’s meant that I couldn’t read some of the longer fantasy books I wanted to read because I just needed to hit big numbers. So next year, I’m setting a crazy low goal, just so that I can use the GR functionality to record what I read for the year. But my goal is to go slow, and read all those 5/600 page fantasy novels I so desperately crave.

    On a side note, CAN’T BELIEVE KEEPERS MADE THE CUT ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ thank you so much ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha, I can totally relate to that. My daughter bought me a book about Henry VIII last Christmas which is a gazillion pages and I haven’t even started it yet! We can make a pact together to slow down and enjoy our 2018 reads. OF COURSE Keepers made the cut – it’s EPIC!!!!


  4. It’s horrible when you hit that reading slump…but you will get over it. I find revisiting a book I really enjoyed helps. Great choices, those children’s books appeal to me too 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s a brilliant idea, Cathy. I’ve just picked up City of Bones by Cassandra Clare which is one of my favourite YA books. It’s an old one that I devoured when I first bought it but I think having a revisit might just get me back in the zone! The kids books have been brilliant this year. I can highly recommend I’m Not Different having met the young lady who wrote and illustrated it – she’s adorable! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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