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The Book That Keeps on Giving #Audiobook #NewRelease

13166048_10154061352595056_5213014749088411502_nWhen I released my first book back in 2014, I could not have foreseen the incredible journey I was about to begin. Writing is something I’ve enjoyed from a young age, and yet, like millions of other aspiring authors, I never took myself seriously or committed fully to writing anything worthwhile.

That changed when I started my blog on the 1st January 2013 and devoted time to writing weekly posts about the New Year challenges I’d set myself. It was that simple act of getting into a regular writing habit that helped me to not only complete my work in progress, but to publish, promote, and succeed with it.

How I Changed My Life a Year is a blog to book project that truly did change my life! It reached number one in the Amazon best seller list for self-help and women’s biographies (twice!). It also attracted the attention of Penguin Random House, as well as W F. Howes, and has now been sold to BHC Press who will be able to reach a much wider audience than I could dream of.

The book continues to hold its own in the top twenty best sellers for self-help alongside huge names in the personal development arena. I’ve watched my little self-published title nestle next to Paul McKenna, Russell Brand, Louise Hay, and many more, and I burst with pride every time.

New opportunities present themselves every year thanks to this single book, and 2017 is no different. I’m delighted to announce that WF Howes, the UK’s leading audiobook publisher have turned How I Changed My Life in a Year into an audiobook.

HICMLIAY Audio Cover
Amazon UK

‘If I was going to show my children – and my clients – that it was possible to make dreams come true, then I’d have to prove it.’
Straight-talking Shelley boldly tackles 12 personal challenges in as many months and shares the results for those in need of a dose of inspiration or motivation. Packed with affirmations and advice, How I Changed My Life in a Year will make you laugh out loud and keep you motivated. Join Shelley as she shows you how just one year can change your life for good.
Based on her popular Resolution Challenge blog, Shelley shows how one year can change your life. Shelley is a single mum, a holistic business owner, a motivational blogger and a nonfiction author. She bases her own well-being books on the lessons she learned while escaping from an abusive marriage. As she rebuilt her life, she adopted a mantra – Dream It, Live It, Become It.

The cherry on the top was receiving a lovely email from actress, Lara J West telling me how much she’d enjoyed narrating my book. Her wonderful feedback left me glowing with pride yet again.

Lara’s professional bio reads as follows:


Lara was classically trained at the Bristol Old Vic Theatre School where she played everything from Humpty Dumpty to Lady Macduff. Since graduating 20 years ago, she has worked in film, running through forests in a corset (too tight); arrested people in a uniform (too large); and played a whole host of people in need of urgent medical attention. Recently she wrote and performed a musical for children which is now being converted to an animation series for T.V. Lara overcame the terror of stand-up and now strangely enjoys it, incorporating impressions and cartoon voices. She also played a down-to-earth character in a long-running Radio-Soap; and loves all things aqua – the sea, the sky…and singing the Blues.

As well as narrating scores of books, Lara also produces musical audiobooks for children aged 3 to 7. You can find out more about this HERE.

I couldn’t be happier that Lara has narrated How I Changed My Life in a Year, and I’m over the moon that she has also narrated my second book How I Motivated Myself to Succeed which is due out as an audiobook in January 2018.

Buy the audio version of How I Changed My Life in a Year HERE 

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all the readers who have purchased, enjoyed, reviewed, recommended, and loved my book, and for the incredible messages I still receive every week. Let’s see what next year holds…

Thanks for visiting my blog, I hope you enjoyed this post. Want more? Connect with me here:  Twitter @ShelleyWilson72, Instagram or check out my Facebook pages and

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