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#AudioBook Review of Adventures in Mu Mu Land by Lara J West #ChildrensBook #TuesdayBookBlog

Audio Book Review

Title: Adventures in Mu Mu Land: Book 1 and Book 2 (Audio)

Author/Narrator: Lara J West

Genre: Children’s Audio Book (Age 3 – 7)

My Rating: 5 Star

My Review:

When my non-fiction books were picked up for audio production, I was thrilled to hear that Coronation Street and BBC Doctors actress and fellow author Lara West was to be the narrator – and what a fabulous job she did! Lara has a fabulously engaging voice, and I can’t think of anyone better to get you motivated.

I was, therefore, delighted when Lara asked if I would review her original musical audiobooks for young children. With Christmas approaching, I jumped at the chance in the hope that I could find suitable gifts for my friends who have younger children.


Welcome to The Mu Mu Club! A fun-filled musical adventure for children aged 3+

Join our heroes Honey and Pickle in The Mu Mu Club, and travel through the magic portal into the colourful world of Mu Mu Land.

Three brand new, exciting stories, accompanied by wonderful sound effects and original songs that you’ll want to play again and again.

Written & narrated by Lara J West. With songs & lyrics by Lara J West and Andy Allpass.

Loved by ages 3 and above.

Heading off to a networking event recently I popped the first CD on in my car and found myself humming along to the songs, and even joining in with the catchy chorus on a few. I loved the adapted Elvis songs!

Honey and Pickle are easy to bond with, and any youngster would be delighted to follow their adventures as they leap through portals and meet the host of new friends in Mu Mu Land. The wizard with the too big coat made me chuckle, as did the clown who lost his nose.

Each story is fun, memorable, and easy to follow. The repetition of songs makes it something children will love, and parents will enjoy The Toothbrush Song if it gets their little ones into the bathroom!

There are unique adventures on both CD’s accompanied by sound effects and fabulous songs that you’ll find yourself singing along to with your children, grandchildren, nieces, or nephews.

Highly recommended as a bedtime companion for child and adult alike. A brilliant stocking filler for Christmas.


Lara-J.-West-squareLara West was classically trained at the Bristol Old Vic Theatre School where she played everything from Humpty Dumpty to Lady Macduff. Since graduating 20 years ago, she has worked in film, running through forests in a corset (too tight); arrested people in a uniform (too large); and played a whole host of people in need of urgent medical attention. Recently she wrote and performed a musical for children which is now being converted to an animation series for T.V. Lara overcame the terror of stand-up and now strangely enjoys it, incorporating impressions and cartoon voices. She also played a down-to-earth character in a long-running Radio-Soap; and loves all things aqua – the sea, the sky…and singing the Blues.

Find out more about the Adventures in Mu Mu Land HERE.


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