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#ProductReview iBeani: eReader and iPad Bean Bag #iBeani

Product Review

Product: iBeani: iPad, Tablet, and eReader Bean Bag Stand

Colour: Purple.

Company: iBeani®

My Rating: 5 Star


My Review:

I was given this product by a lovely gentleman I met through a networking group, Dean Billington, Director at Triton Telecom Ltd. As he knew I was an avid reader he thought it might come in useful – he wasn’t wrong.

I’ve used the iBeani® for more than just supporting my iPad. It’s great for hard copies too and I often rest it on my lap when reading in bed. It’s great in the kitchen for cook books when trying out a new recipe, and I use it to hold up research material when I’m writing. My kids prop up their mobile phones when watching YouTube videos, and even the cat enjoys curling up on it when it’s not in use!

There’s a handy pocket on the side where I can store my glasses and know exactly where they are when I need them.

I can imagine this product would be hugely beneficial to anyone suffering with repetitive strain injuries, or arthritis. My hands ache occasionally as one of the ongoing symptoms from my autoimmune disorder so it’s nice to use the iBeani® and give my hands a rest from holding open a book, or clutching my iPad.

The material is excellent quality and comes in a huge variety of shades and patterns. I received the purple one which I love. The packaging is also well presented.

The product I received costs £24.99 with free shipping and 30 day money back guarantee.

Highly recommended 5 * product.

11 thoughts on “#ProductReview iBeani: eReader and iPad Bean Bag #iBeani”

  1. Hello, I came across this site while looking for beans/pellets to add to my Ibeani pillow. My pillow is 3 years old and is as flat as a pancake. The pellets break down and this pillow can not stand up to daily use.
    I do not recommend spending your money on this pillow.


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