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#ProductReview iBeani: eReader and iPad Bean Bag #iBeani

Product Review Product: iBeani: iPad, Tablet, and eReader Bean Bag Stand Colour: Purple. Company: iBeani® My Rating: 5 Star My Review: I was given this product by a lovely gentleman I met through a networking group, Dean Billington, Director at Triton Telecom Ltd. As he knew I was an avid reader he thought it might… Continue reading #ProductReview iBeani: eReader and iPad Bean Bag #iBeani

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#ChildrensBook Destination: Space by Dr. Dave Williams #BookReview by @ScifiandScary #Astronomy

Title: Destination: Space Author: Dr. Dave Williams Category: Children's Book/Astronomy Review by: Scifi and Scary Blurb for Destination: Space Will humans ever be able to live on other planets? Former NASA astronaut Dr. Dave Williams is the person to ask. It turns out that Earth is a pretty good place to live. Finding other habitable… Continue reading #ChildrensBook Destination: Space by Dr. Dave Williams #BookReview by @ScifiandScary #Astronomy

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Writing Research – How I’m Using My Love of History #Vikings #WritingTips

Writing Research Writing fantasy fiction allows me to bend the rules, make stuff up, and be as creative as I want to be. I’ve invented realms, worlds, and races for my Guardian Series, I’ve run with a werewolf pack through Sherwood Forest in my Hood Academy Series, and I’ve turned little red riding hood into… Continue reading Writing Research – How I’m Using My Love of History #Vikings #WritingTips

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Visiting #LakeGarda in the Autumn #TravelTuesday #Italy

Going abroad later in the year isn’t something I’ve done before. Travelling overseas has always been a summer activity for my family and me. We tick off the days on our calendar until the hot weather arrives and we save our pennies for the ice creams, new flip flops, and customary local merchandise (yes, I’ve… Continue reading Visiting #LakeGarda in the Autumn #TravelTuesday #Italy