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#SilentSunday Hampton Court Palace, London #TudorHistory

21 thoughts on “#SilentSunday Hampton Court Palace, London #TudorHistory”

  1. Thank you for refreshing our memories of Hampton Court with the gorgeous photos. We landed a few gifted guides who were historians and their stories made the walls come to life. Definitely on our “re-visit” list!

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      1. Ooh, I can think of some incredible places to visit. I took my daughter to Bamburgh and Lindisfarne in Northumberland recently (book research). Amazing places! Edinburgh is on my list, and the Scottish Highlands (I’m an Outlander fan!!). I love York and Whitby, and want to visit Stonehenge, St Ives, and Dublin. Oh blimey, you’ve got me in travel planning mode now lol 😆


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