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Author Interview with Ann Hobbs @ann_hobbs #NonFiction #Motivational

I have great pleasure in sharing my interview with Ann Hobbs, author of Kick Ass Your Life. Ann talks about obtaining her University degree at 50, writing non-fiction, and her desire to be the next Jilly Cooper!

Meet the author:

Ann Hobbs has been training and working to help people discover change for the past 20 years. Her aim is always to help people regain control of their lives.

Ann recognized, from her own experience, that the key to long-term change was not only fixing the issue but also taking responsibility for it. As a result, Ann developed a bespoke ‘kick ass’ toolkit of techniques that has since helped hundreds of people to create wellbeing and long-lasting change.

Over the last ten years, Ann has built up a successful practice in Bristol as a holistic therapist, but now also works as a life coach with clients all over the country via Skype and phone, using her tried-and-tested techniques to help people kick ass their lives.

Ann is now running her own publishing company, Forward Thinking Publishing to encourage others to write and publish their self-help books.

Tell us a little about yourself. (How did you get started writing? What do you do when you’re not writing?)

I knew I always wanted to write a book but never thought I would. When I was 17 or 18 I wrote a couple of stories in a notebook which has followed me around. I’ve still got it. I thought I would always write a romance novel because that it what I like to read. However, when I broke out in a hot sweat in the early hours one morning I knew that if I didn’t write down what I had been through and how I transformed my own life then I just couldn’t rest. I didn’t know where to begin so I got on Udemy and found a course on how to structure a book. I then wrote out the structure and began writing. It took from 4 weeks to write around 30,000. If I’m not writing I love to learn new things so have just finished a degree in English Literature and Creative Writing which was super fab but also hard. I also run my own self-publishing company which keeps me busy. I love to be the first one to read a manuscript and I always get excited to help others get their books out into the world.

Is this your first book? How many books have you written prior (if any?)

Kick Ass Your Life was my first book that was published in 2016 and then I wrote The Authentic You a couple years later.

What genre is it, and what is it about?

Non-fiction. Kick Ass Your Life is about finding your way through life when you are feeling lost. I had a significant loss in my life and it took me many years to figure out a way forward on how I could change my life. I didn’t want anyone else in the same position as I was, having to wait so long to figure it out. I had the information and I wanted to share it with people. I had also coached people for the last 15 years before I wrote the book so I had a wealth of information to pass on. As I say in my book self-development is not a quick fix, it’s a journey. This straightforward talking book will show you how to do that in a short period of time. I have coached hundreds of people throughout my time as a therapist and coach and this book was a culmination of the tools that they used also. There are meditations to help you effect the change too.

What or who inspired you to write this book?

The simple fact that people were struggling and I had information that could be really useful. I didn’t want to die not having written my experience down. The inspiration was one woman, the space I was in 10 years before, feeling lost, having lost her family and her sister and no-where to go. I wished I had had that information all those years ago to effect positive change. I just couldn’t bear to think that that person was struggling someone in the world and I could help.

What writing advice do you have for other aspiring authors?

Just do it! Writing about your story can be rather daunting and can be very emotional but just remember that one person out there in the world needs the information you have. You are doing them a disservice if you don’t share it.

What do you enjoy most about writing and why?

I enjoy writing non-fiction to help other people. I love sharing my knowledge and teaching other people. I’ve just completed a degree in English Literature and Creative Writing, and I found writing different genres liberating and freeing.

List three interesting facts about yourself

  • Obtained a University degree at the age of 50
  • Aged 7 I won a fancy-dress competition at Butlins as a robot then promptly threw up all over the stage
  • When I was 18 I was accepted into the Metropolitan Police but never went back for the final interview. Where would I be now if I didn’t make that decision? Scary.

What is your least favourite part of the publishing/writing process?

Getting started. It takes a lot of motivation to stay focused on one project. Writing is easy but you need to take time out to write it. If you say you want to write a book, you actually have to sit your bum on your chair and write!

What can readers who enjoy your book do to help make it successful?

Share it with people they know that are struggling. There is no one fits all in the self-development world, but my book might resonate with someone that sparks them to change their lives. That feeling is very satisfying when you sell a book.

What is your next project?

I’m trying my hand at a novel. Haven’t got too far and I’ve killed off a few characters already. Writing self-development books, you can’t kill people off, so I’ve gone crazy killing everyone off. I am trying to figure out what my writing style is and when I do I want to be the next Jilly Cooper!

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Book Blurb:

Have you reached a crossroads in your life? Has your world has been turned upside down? Kick Ass Your Life provides tried and tested methods to help you explore your feelings; uncover your core issues; and make the incremental changes necessary to create a more fulfilling life. This book will help you regain control of your life and live the life you deserve.

“Ann has written a compassionate and encouraging book for anyone who feels they have reached a dead end in their life. Ann is the survivor of a significant life trauma and in this book she shares with you her personal proven methods for the road to recovery and self-realisation. You can tell her heart is in every page.” Becky Walsh – Hay House Author, Speaker and Broadcaster

“Extremely inspiring, courageous and touching” – Hay House

BUY your copy of Kick Ass Your Life on Amazon UK or Amazon US.

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