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Meet Author Lynette Creswell @creswelllyn #ChildrensBook #ChristmasBook #TuesdayBookBlog

My guest on the blog today has visited me a couple of times, many years ago, so I’m delighted that she has returned for another chat and to talk about her fabulous children’s book, Hoglets’ Christmas Magic.

Lynette was born in London but raised in Burnley, Lancashire. She lived with her grandmother from the tender age of five, who gave her books to keep her quiet. Lynette found she had a passion for reading and started writing once she began school.

Lynette’s inspiration came from childhood books written by Enid Blyton. The Enchanted Wood and The Faraway Tree were her first taste of fantasy. In adulthood, Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight Series captured her own vivid imagination.

Her first novel, Sinners of Magic, won her acclaim and the story soon turned into a trilogy. With readers begging for more, Lynette ended the series with a spin-off story featuring a windigo.

Wishing to be a multi-genre author, Lynette turned her pen to romance. Her two novels: Cracks in the Glass and Two Kinds of Truth, were a huge hit with readers.

Lynette entered the 2019 SWWJ (Society of Women Writers and Journalists) competition, returning to her love of short story writing. A Slice of Cake – a light-hearted story about her five year old granddaughter, came runner up.

In 2020 Lynette launched a compilation of short stories. Most have won popular writing competitions.

2021 saw Lynette break out of her comfort zone with the release of her new children’s book. Hoglets’ Christmas Magic is a delightful tale starring two adorable hedgehogs.

Lynette lives in North East Lincolnshire with her husband. All her grandchildren are the apple of her eye.

Tell us a little about yourself. (How did you get started writing? What do you do when you’re not writing?)

Hi, I’m Lynette, and I’ve been writing for over thirty years. Having suffered a dysfunctional childhood, I was compelled to write stories that took me to another place from an early age. I created new realms and magical creatures influenced by stories such as The Faraway Tree and The Wishing Chair, written by Enid Blyton.

Years later, I wrote stories for my own children. It gave me such a buzz to see their eyes light up when they realised they were one of my crazy characters. My husband could see how much joy writing gave me and bought me a laptop. He told me it was time to live my dream and write something substantial. I couldn’t wait and, in 2012, published my first YA book Sinners of Magic.

When I’m not writing I tootle off to my static caravan in Chapel St Leonards, Lincolnshire. It’s a wonderful seaside town and my ‘happy place’. We’re situated right by the sea. I enjoy long walks along the prom, eating ice cream and paddling in the sea. I get inspiration for writing new stories there.

Is this your first book? How many books have you written prior (if any?)

I’m a multi-genre author, although Hoglets’ Christmas Magic is my first children’s book. I’ve written six novels and a compilation of short stories. I’ve published four fantasy books and two romance novels. Most of my short stories have won writing competitions, and all my books are available on Amazon.

What genre is it, and what is it about?

Hoglets’ Christmas Magic is written for children aged 6+. It’s a delightful story which tells the tale of Prickles and Primrose, two adorable hedgehogs.

Book Blurb

It’s Christmas Eve with the hoglets.

Prickles and Primrose are excited. That is until…

As they decorate the Christmas tree they discover the star for the top has shattered.

Not to be defeated – the brave hoglets set out into the wood to seek a substitute star but stumble across Santa instead.

What adventure will they encounter?

AND… what about the star?

If you love Winnie the Pooh, you’ll fall in love with the hoglets, Prickles and Primrose, from Briar Wood.

What or who inspired you to write this book?

My readers inspired me. I wrote Hoglets’ Christmas Magic as a free read a couple of Christmases ago. I uploaded the story onto my blog, and the response was phenomenal. I received a mountain of messages and emails from parents and grandparents enquiring when the story would likely be published.

I can’t deny it’s taken oodles of blood, sweat, and a pandemic to get the book published. Yet, now the hoglets are here, I’m glad I listened to my readers and took the plunge.

What writing advice do you have for other aspiring authors?

Read books in the same genre you’re writing. This is key to success. Check out works by similar authors and note their style, motives, flow, and even their vocabulary. Look what’s current and what sells. Know your market, and you’ll be one step ahead.

What do you enjoy most about writing and why?

Writing is escapism. The moment I put pen to paper I’m in another world, another time, another place. Writing is captivating, and crafting something new is a wonderful feeling. I enjoy creating new characters and watching them grow. Writing is rewarding too.

List three interesting facts about yourself

I’m scared of Daddy-long-legs.

I’m partially deaf.

I gave birth in 1985 to my eldest son in Berlin. The room was right above the medical bunker of Herr Hess (Adolf Hitler’s Deputy-in-Chief).

What is your least favourite part of the publishing/writing process?

As an indie author, it has to be uploading my latest release onto the website that prints my book. It’s always a faff. I also detest the rigmarole you have to go through to get your book uploaded onto KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing). It’s like having a baby though. Once you hold your book in your sticky mitts, all the pain and stress melt away. 

What can readers who enjoy your book do to help make it successful?

Please tell your friends, family, schools, hairdresser, window cleaner … anyone who’s willing to listen. Word of mouth is still the best way to make a book successful.

Buy Hoglets’ Christmas Magic as a gift.

Leave a review on Amazon, so others can see how much you enjoyed the hoglets. Hardly anyone buys a book without reading reviews. I know I don’t.

What is your next project?

If the hoglets are successful, I’ll write another story about them. Last summer, I wrote three chapter books, so if readers are keen to take the hedgehogs to their hearts, there’s more.

Connect with Lynette:

Sinners of magic link:

Hoglets’ Christmas Magic 

Twitter: @Creswelllyn


Facebook: Lynette Creswell Author

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