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Title: The Little Book of Wellness: An A-Z Guide to Nourish Body, Mind, and Soul

Author: Tracy Richardson

Category: Complementary Medicine

Rating: 5 Star

Book Blurb:

Wellness makes you a ‘well-being’.

Being Well Creates The Freedom To Live Life The Way You Want- whether you are looking to reduce pain, renew energy and/or restore wellness, as a health-conscious individual you are searching for solutions.

The Little Book of Wellness- an A-Z to Nourish Your Body, Mind + Soul promotes wellness as something that can be developed through your actions and daily practices to achieve sustainable results. Learn how to progress your wellness whilst reducing the overwhelm and gaining clarity surrounding the influence your choices have.

This A-Z guide includes easy to action practical solutions to promote nourishment of your body, the mind and the soul. Whether this means maintaining, levelling up or transforming your life.

Be inspired to start:

  • Taking control and be actively involved in your wellness
  • Making choices and sustainable changes
  • Being a wellness advocate for yourself and your family
  • Achieving mindful wellness through nourishing your body, mind and soul
  • And so much more…

You will be able to read through at your own pace, dip in and out and check back with ease at any point, using this as a source of encouragement to support you on your wellness journey. It’s time to stop looking for a quick fix and start taking action.

Wellness starts with you!

My Review:

I discovered this author through my online networking and have followed her social media platforms for some time. I love how down-to-earth, honest, and open she is and enjoy reading her online content. When I spotted her book had been published I knew I had to add it to my reading pile.

As it happened, my copy arrived the same time I was off my feet with a fractured ankle, so it seemed quite apt that I should read about wellness whilst recovering from an injury.

The A-Z format means this is not a heavy read. Instead, you can dip in and out of the chapters that resonate with you. I was drawn to the sections on grounding, intentions, journaling, and visualisation.

The information in the book is easy to read and digest. Richardson has carefully thought about the outline of her book and demonstrates this by providing a quick reference ‘this chapter will help you with…’ at the start of each section followed by ‘top tips’ at the end to help cement the learning opportunities.

There is an extensive bibliography to prompt independent research if a specific chapter is of interest to you.

I like the no-nonsense approach and the conversational way Richardson writes. You feel like the author is chatting to you about the things that matter.

Can highly recommend adding The Little Book of Wellness to your reading list.

BUY your copy via Amazon UK or Amazon US

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