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#BookReview The Broken Darkness by @tbraun_author #RBRT #Horror

Title: The Broken Darkness

Author: Theresa Braun

Category: Horror

Rating: 5 Stars

Book Blurb:

In her debut collection, Theresa Braun explores the inner workings of the human heart and what it is we most desire-forgiveness, acceptance, love, fame, or merely to escape who we really are. Whether we are battling ghosts, demons, mythical monsters, the past, or other dimensions, we are really facing the deepest parts of ourselves. These thirteen tales of horror and dark fantasy may appear to be a matter of good versus evil, but they are all a reflection of the hidden corners of the soul that are often shades of broken darkness. The characters in these stories must face their inner and outer terrors or else suffer the consequences.

My Review:

Wow, what a debut!

Each story in this anthology was so beautifully written. You are pulled along with each character into their (sometimes) twisted worlds. The author has a talent for turning the ordinary into the extraordinary and making you question everything.  

Braun has a wonderful voice for horror and never shies away from gruesome and descriptive scenes. Within the first story, you are set up for blood, gore, engaging characters, supernatural vibes, and tingles on the back of your neck.

As I read each story I thought I’d found my new favourite, but then I’d read the next tale and fall further in love with the ever-evolving horror fest.

If you love unexpected endings, the supernatural, freaking out at graphic scenes, and anything creepy then you’ll adore this anthology.

I can’t end this review without mentioning the amazing cover art! A stunning cover for an excellent book. I can’t wait to see what this author does next.

I reviewed this book for Rosie’s Book Review Team.

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