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Meet Carol Harris, Author of Lessons from the Speechless #nonfiction

I meet so many fascinating people at my networking events and love chatting with fellow authors about books and writing. To be able to support them is something I love to do as we all know how important visibility is in today’s busy world.

To that end, I’m delighted to introduce my newest connection, Carol Harris, author of the recent book series ‘conversations with inanimate objects’.

Carol has written since she was a young child and is now the author of almost 20 books.

Although her career has mainly been in the corporate world, she’s run her own businesses for over 30 years.  She has been a trainer, management consultant and HR director and also published and edited various magazines and newsletters.   For the last 20 years she has run a business in the health and wellness sector, mentoring people who join her so they can grow successful businesses, part-time, working from home.  She has also worked with NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) since 1986 and was Chair of the Association for Neuro-Linguistic Programming for some years.  Her guiding principles are simplicity, humour and curiosity.

Carol says she has a low boredom threshold, gets waylaid by ideas and has been called a Food Whisperer.

Carol’s books are on a wide range of subjects.  Several are business books based on NLP, including one called Networking for Success.  There are some educational books for children on ecology, health and friendship.  Other topics include weight management, traditional pig-keeping and a book of amusing things that have happened during her life.

Carol’s most recent books are a series of conversations with inanimate objects.   Lessons from the Speechless is about business, Chats with Comestibles is about personal effectiveness (and food!) and Words Speak for Themselves is about how to write well. 

Outside work, Carol’s interests have included fencing – and running a fencing club with her husband (they met at a fencing club and had crossed swords on their wedding cake), showing and judging Afghan Hounds (one of theirs was the top winning UK Afghan and quite famous in Japan!), classical Indian dance, Taiko (Japanese drumming) and cookery.

She lives in Mid-Wales with her husband Paul and, although they no longer own any animals, their fields are home to Highland Cattle, Shetland Ponies and Bagot goats.

Lessons from the Speechless

Are you thinking of setting up a business, a recent start-up or more established?  Just listen in on humorous conversations about business with very opinionated inanimate objects and learn some simple things you can do to be more effective. Includes lots of photos. Some comments from readers: …a unique and eclectic blend of innovative ideas….a novel format, sprinkled with tongue in cheek humour…thought-provoking, fun and energising…a fresh perspective on well known business principles.  Get a copy (Click on ‘books’).

Chats with Comestibles

Would you like to be better at managing your thoughts, feelings and behaviour, building good relationships with others and achieving success; if so, this book will help you get better results and also cheer you up.  Includes lots of photos. Some comments from readers: …creative, unusual and fun…unique and disarming…playful and straight talking.  Get a copy at (Click on ‘books’).

Words Speak for Themselves

Very opinionated punctuation marks, emojis, metaphors and others help you understand the power of words, improve your written communications and achieve your writing goals.  Some comments from readers:  …quirky and fun to read …makes techie stuff so much more approachable…a great reference to dip in and out of. Get a copy at (Click on ‘books’).

Carol has a weekly email newsletter with lots of amusing and helpful information and tips, writing extracts and offers.  Just visit her website click on the home page link saying ‘get my quirky newsletter here’.

Alternatively, you can connect with Carol via LinkedIn

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