It’s Publication Day! Blood Born is here #YA #NewRelease #TuesdayBookBlog

I am so excited to share book one of my Immortals duology. BLOOD BORN is out today, and I love the early reviews this title is getting.

“[a] quick, fun read, perfect for fans of Vampire Academy and Twilight.” —NetGalley Reviewer

“I fell in love with this book within the first few pages! It’s fast paced, with an intriguing story line.” —LibraryThing Early Reviewers

“A wonderful, exciting read with everything from shock, horror and the ultimate choice between winning and losing… Fantastically gripping…” —NetGalley Reviewer

“What I liked the most about this book is that it strays pretty far from the standard vampire trope that’s seen in most forms of media. Wilson presents the vampires as strikingly human which is refreshing.” —NetGalley Reviewer

“The action-forward story combines tried-and-true vampire lore with some new twists.” —Kirkus Reviews

“a really good start to a potentially brilliant series.” —Jeanz Book Read N Review

BLOOD BORN is a vampire novel you can sink your teeth into!

Tiny Teaser…

The big man’s fist tightened around a length of her hair, pulling with every twist, while his breath closed in on her skin.

‘No!’ She heard the hitch in her voice as if someone else were speaking. It sounded distant, almost wretched. It it weren’t for the pain shooting through her scalp, she might have laughed. Desperation was one of those emotions Emma had spent the last seventeen years running from. She’d swallowed any desire for warmth and compassion and kept tight control over any feelings of sentimentality. She knew people saw her as cold and reserved, but somewhere deep inside she knew it was vital for her survival to stay detached from those around her.

‘But you smell so good,’ the man’s voice murmured into her ear from his secluded position behind her. ‘Lonely girls taste the sweetest of all. They wallow in their isolation and let it envelop their souls. When I feed on them, it’s like I’m high.’

‘You don’t have to do this!’ Again with the whiny desperation.

Was it so important that she stayed alive? Would anyone honestly care if she died tonight?

Grab your copy

Visit BHC Press and grab a copy of BLOOD BORN from your favourite retailer. Or you can find the Amazon UK link HERE.

Book Blurb

Emma’s brutal death at the hands of a vampire should have been the end, but a mysterious hooded stranger steps in, changing her life forever.

As seventeen-year-old Emma struggles with her new vampire gifts and cravings, her grandmother isn’t surprised at all. Hinting that she knew this day would always come, she leaves to get help, promising to explain everything when she gets back, but she never returns.

Instead, the beautiful and enigmatic Cara, a fellow vampire, shows up at her door. Promising to help her locate her missing grandmother and uncover her ancestry, she brings Emma to the Haven, a sanctuary for half-blood vampires.

Thrust into a war between the Immortal vampires and the half-blood rogues, Emma’s simple life begins to unravel as blood and secrets entwine to reveal a dark history and an even darker destiny. She’ll need to survive long enough to discover who she really is and which side she wants to be on.

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