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Why We Need a Time Out #Health #Wellbeing

My regular blog readers may remember me talking about my illness a few years ago and the subsequent fallout of this. In short, I got a viral infection from a bug bite which has now escalated into an autoimmune disease. I’ve been in constant pain for the last three years. The neurological surgeon wanted to… Continue reading Why We Need a Time Out #Health #Wellbeing

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#BookReview Unlimited Energy Now by Catherine Carrigan #TuesdayBookBlog #RBRT

  ‘Unlimited Energy Now’ by Catherine Carrigan #RBRT My Rating: 3 out of 5 Unlimited Energy Now, aims to identify the area you need to work on by following the instructions in each unit.  The book is set out in five ‘sections’ each divided into short chapters. The first section is about the physical body,… Continue reading #BookReview Unlimited Energy Now by Catherine Carrigan #TuesdayBookBlog #RBRT

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A Self-Help Chain Reaction

  There is a film I re-watch when I need to have a good laugh, and sob my heart out, all within a two hour period.  That film is Steel Magnolias.  A 1989 classic starring Dolly Parton, Sally Fields and Julia Roberts. If you plan on watching it, you'll need more boxes of Kleenex than a… Continue reading A Self-Help Chain Reaction