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#MondayMuse Guest Post from author, @JeanBooth – For The Love of My Sister #MondayBlogs



Monday Muse – Inspirational people surround us at every turn.  To celebrate some of the incredible women who continue to motivate us on our writing journey I post a Monday Muse dedicated to the women/characters who are our artistic inspiration.

Who is your Muse?

Today, on the Big Blue Takeover I am delighted to welcome Jean Booth, author of Zombie War to talk about her Monday Muse. Over to Jean…

I don’t have any one specific person that is my artistic inspiration. When I wrote Zombie War, my younger sister, Sarah was on my mind. She has an inner strength to her that I don’t think she saw for a long time. She had always been quite unsure of herself, but I could see beneath that uncertainty to the strong, capable woman she’s growing into. I wrote this book, in part, to show her her strength.

Jean Booth girl with blue eyes

The main character, deliberately named Sarah, comes from a difficult background and faces challenges most of us wouldn’t be capable of dealing with. She has a deep core of strength and a sense of family that keeps her survivors pushing through. I used the traits I saw in my younger sister to show her that she was capable of more than she would ever know.

I hope other young kids read Zombie War and find their inner survivor.

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Thanks so much for having me today! 🙂 You are more than welcome, Jean. I love your Muse x

Author Bio:

Jean Booth was born in the sweltering Vegas desert. She moved about during her childhood until returning to her roots in northern Nevada. She’s happily married with 8 cats as her children. For the entirety of her adult life she’s worked in healthcare, battling insurances and poor staffing to provide great care to those who need it. Her greatest escapes are the stories found in books and in her head that she’s finally decided to share.

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