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How To Get Crafty in Your Free Time #crafting #Zentangle

Adult colouring books were so last year! Okay, that’s a lie, in fact, I bought a new one last week, and I’m already half way through it. However, if colouring in someone else’s creation doesn’t float your ‘time-out’ boat, then may I suggest Zentangle? Zen-what I hear you say. Stick with me, and I’ll reveal… Continue reading How To Get Crafty in Your Free Time #crafting #Zentangle

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Have Fun With Your Research #amwriting

  The beauty of writing fantasy is that the majority of it comes from deep within my soul.  Demons, realms and objects of sorcery are all figments of my warped imagination. There are no limits to what the mind can conjure. When it comes to witchcraft and spells, or herbs and lotions, even battles and… Continue reading Have Fun With Your Research #amwriting

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Using Pinterest as a Writer

As a kid, the walls of my bedroom were covered in posters. I had favourite bands and artists, and also the actors from TV shows I followed, they were spread across every square inch of space. Posters were one of the simple pleasures in life, one that I miss now I’m a grown up. Fortunately,… Continue reading Using Pinterest as a Writer