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#BookReview The Goblin Glass by @MarkEWest #Horror #ShortStory

Book Review Title: The Goblin Glass Author: Mark West Category: Horror Short Story Rating: 5 Star Blurb: After years of trying to keep his life on the straight and narrow, impossible circumstances have led Warren back to a life of crime. The job he is given is a simple breaking and entering, with instructions to… Continue reading #BookReview The Goblin Glass by @MarkEWest #Horror #ShortStory

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Do You Prefer a Short Story or a Novel? #AmWriting

When I was eight years old, I would spend hours writing short stories.  There was no real plot to speak of, and the characters were a re-hash of my friends, family, and teachers, but I loved writing above all the other games that an eight-year-old would play, ever hopeful that I would be an author… Continue reading Do You Prefer a Short Story or a Novel? #AmWriting