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Visiting #LakeGarda in the Autumn #TravelTuesday #Italy

Going abroad later in the year isn’t something I’ve done before. Travelling overseas has always been a summer activity for my family and me. We tick off the days on our calendar until the hot weather arrives and we save our pennies for the ice creams, new flip flops, and customary local merchandise (yes, I’ve… Continue reading Visiting #LakeGarda in the Autumn #TravelTuesday #Italy

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Magical Mystery Tour: Part II #Travel #America

Last time, I shared my tales from Celebration and Disney Springs (you can read that post HERE), today I want to spread a little fairy dust and invite you to visit Cinderella’s castle as we head to Animal Kingdom and Disney’s Magic Kingdom. Yes, this is the portion of my trip that was full on… Continue reading Magical Mystery Tour: Part II #Travel #America

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#BookReviews Do Not Wash Hands In Plates by @BarbTaub #humour #Travel

#BookReview Do Not Wash Hands in Plates by Barb Taub Author: Barb Taub, (Photography) Janine Smith, Jaya Ayyer. Category: Travel/Humour My Rating: 5 out of 5 stars Review: The title and colourful cover design are an instant attraction and offer an insight of what to expect when you pick up a copy of Do Not… Continue reading #BookReviews Do Not Wash Hands In Plates by @BarbTaub #humour #Travel

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Would you BUY or PASS? 1,000 Places to See Before You Die #FridayFiveChallenge #NonFiction #Travel

Welcome to the ‘Friday Five Challenge.' Would you BUY or PASS if you had only a thumbnail image and five minutes to decide? Welcome to the #FridayFiveChallenge.  The original idea comes from Rosie Amber, and you can join up at The rules are laid out at the end of this post if you fancy… Continue reading Would you BUY or PASS? 1,000 Places to See Before You Die #FridayFiveChallenge #NonFiction #Travel