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Interview with Roscoe and Muldoon @RoscoeMuldoon #ChildrensBooks

I have great pleasure in sharing my interview with Roscoe & Muldoon, two dog detectives who star in their recently released first book for middle-grade readers, The Mayor Is Mad. They talk about not only the book but the beginning of their detective careers, how to deal with pesky fleas, and even questions about the… Continue reading Interview with Roscoe and Muldoon @RoscoeMuldoon #ChildrensBooks

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Interview with Author, Gail Mitchell @GailMitchell42 #Author #Interview #wwwBlogs

It's my pleasure to introduce author, Gail Mitchell, as she releases her fabulous book, Loving the Life Less Lived (you can read my review tomorrow). Over to Gail… The Fun Stuff: What part of the world do you come from? I was born in Nottingham, but spent my teenage years in Brentwood in Essex (before it… Continue reading Interview with Author, Gail Mitchell @GailMitchell42 #Author #Interview #wwwBlogs

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The Genesis Saga Tour

  I’m grateful to my host of this seventh post of THE GENESIS SAGA TOUR, and to Nonnie Jules of 4WillsPublishing who arranged it all! The full lineup for this tour can be found @ My purpose, is to give readers a greater familiarity with planet Genesis – within the Equations universe created by… Continue reading The Genesis Saga Tour

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Author Interview – Carol Hedges

Today I am joined by Carol Hedges as she chats about her latest release, and drinking an awful lot of Prosecco! The Fun Five: 1.  What part of the world do you come from? I was born in Welwyn Garden City, in Hertfordshire.  It was one of the 'new' Garden Cities that were built in… Continue reading Author Interview – Carol Hedges

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Guest Author Interview – Lynette Creswell

Today I am joined by my twin soul Lynette Creswell.  We have so much in common we could write a book about it!  Fortunately Lynette is far too busy with her young adult series and latest release to concern herself with my claims on her soul!  Over to Lynette. The Fun Five: 1.  What part… Continue reading Guest Author Interview – Lynette Creswell