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#BookReview I’m Not Different by Melanie McCluskey @PaperTipi #Childrens #FamilyLife

I’m a sucker for a craft shop or quirky gift store, and so when I stumbled across Paper Tipi, I was in my element. Melanie, who runs Paper Tipi stocks a host of gifts ideal for fans of Star Wars, Harry Potter, Mermaids, Unicorns, and much more.

As I was chatting to Melanie, I discovered she had also written and illustrated a children’s book called I’m Not Different.

Always one to support a fellow author I dashed home and bought a copy from Amazon.

Here’s what I thought.

Title: I’m Not Different

Author: Melanie McCluskey

Category: Children’s/Family, Friends & Social Issues

My Rating: 5 Star

I'm Not Different

My Review:

I’m Not Different is written for every child who lives in a diverse family situation; single parent, adopted, foster care, same sex parents, etc. The message is clear for every child. It doesn’t matter what your situation, for love overcomes everything.

Told in rhythmic verse, the story is also beautifully illustrated by Melanie.

It doesn’t matter what your home life is like. It’s perfectly normal in today’s society to live with grandparents, divide your time between mum and dad’s houses, have same sex parents, or be adopted into a loving family. This book will warm the heart of every child, no matter their situation.

“He’s not different,

I tell you this as fact…

Joey has two Dads

That love him to the moon and back.”

I believe this is the kind of book that should be read in schools. It’s a delightful book, carefully written, and charmingly illustrated.

Highly recommended.

BUY a copy from Amazon UK or Amazon US

Book Blurb:

‘I’m not different’ is a poetic short story book with a twist – a child’s point of view on modern parenting.
The book was written with children in mind, to help them accept their living situations,
from single parenthood to adoption and more. All families are quirky and unique, no two families are the same.
The perfect tool for helping children understand and embrace their family situation made easier to read in rhyme.

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15 thoughts on “#BookReview I’m Not Different by Melanie McCluskey @PaperTipi #Childrens #FamilyLife”

  1. What a wonderful book!!!
    I think I may buy a copy for myself, and one for a friend who is one of a same sex partnership. They adopted a child and he always wants to make his child comfortable!

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  2. When I was teaching infants, I was always on the look out for this sort of thing for the school library and my classroom reading corner. I wish the author much success with it – much needed by all children whatever their background.

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  3. I am going to buy this book my my children- it is essentially my exact thoughts. I was once harassed for not telling my children they are “different and special”…because I actually don’t believe that two mums are better than one. I don’t believe that my child is any different to any other child born in to this world. My children have two parents, who adore them, who wanted them, who created them. Same same to me!

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